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Certificate Course in Python

Course details:


Certificate Course in Python trains you in:

  • Introduction of Python
  • Installing Python – Python IDLE, Writing Python Program
  • Data-types in Python, Variables in, Typecasting
  • Operators in Python – Assignment, Logical, Arithmetic etc. Taking User Input
  • Conditional Statements
  • Python Collections– List, Tuple, Sets and Dictionary
  • Function, Lambda function
  • Loops in Python – For Loop, While Loop & Nested Loops
  • String Manipulation – Basic Operations, Slicing & Functions and Methods.
  • Creating Class and Object, Constructors in Python – Parameterized and Non-parameterized, Inheritance in Python, in built class methods and attributes.
  • Concept of graphics, turtle
  • Introduction to RDBMS, Python PIP. Python front end Connection with MySQL Database, performing basic database operation (DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select), Executing query.
  • Exception handling in Python
  • File I/O and user defined package

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Course duration:

  • 3 Month. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the Certificate Course in Python  , you will be ready to join top national & international  IT companies.

*Note: Fees & duration may vary based on course & centre location