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Certificate Course in SQL Server

Course details:

  • Certificate Course in SQL Server trains you in:
  • Describe the architecture and editions of SQL Server.
  • Work with SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Describe the basic architecture, versions, and editions of SQL Server.
  • Describe the role of SQL Azure compared to on-premises SQL Server.
  • Describe how to connect to SQL Azure with SSMS.
  • Categorize SQL statements into their dialects.
  • Identify the elements of T-SQL, including predicates, operators, expressions, and
  • comments.
  • Describe the elements of a SELECT statement.
  • Write SELECT DISTINCT clauses.
  • Describe the common join types in T-SQL queries.
  • Write queries that use joins.
  • Describe how to sort and filter data.
  • Describe the difference between implicit and explicit data type conversion.
  • Describe the character data types supplied by SQL Server.
  • Describe the impact of collation on character data.
  • Concatenate strings.
  • Extract and manipulate character data using built-in functions.
  • Write queries comparing dates and times.
  • Write queries that use the HAVING clause to filter groups.
  • Use Table Expressions.
  • Use Set Operators.
  • Write queries that use window aggregate, window ranking, and window offset
  • functions.
  • Describe an overview of SQL Server 2016.
  • Describe the architecture of SQL Server 2016.
  • List and describe the different editions and versions of SQL Server.
  • Outline the new features of SQL Server 2016.
  • Explain In-database Advanced Analytics.
  • Explain JSON support in SQL Server 2016.
  • Describe SQL Server 2016 In-memory enhancements.
  • Explain support for in-database analytics with R integration.
  • Describe how to configure the number of tempdb data files.
  • Explain Multiple TempDB data files.
  • Outline the Execution Plans feature in SQL Server 2016.
  • Explain how to automatically keep the history of the data in the table.
  • Explain how to protect data at rest and in motion.
  • Describe Security enhancements in SQL Server 2016.
  • Explain how to work with JSON data.
  • Explain how to work with PolyBase.
  • Define and describe Query Store.
  • Explain how to dynamically stretch warm and cold transactional data from SQL Server to Azure.
  • Describe how to tune workload performance with Query Store.
  • Explain how to start and use Database Engine Tuning Advisor in SQL Server 2016.
  • Explain the set of tools for monitoring events in SQL Server 2016 and for tuning the physical database design.
  • Outline the enhancements in T-SQL.

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Course duration:

  • 3 Month. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.

Job opportunities:

On successfully completing the Certificate Course in SQL Server  , you will be ready to join top national & international  IT companies.

*Note: Fees & duration may vary based on course & centre location